Accelerated video decoding in USB display devices under Linux

In previous post I discussed about getting OpenGL acceleration for USB display devices under Linux. Now I will tell how to accelerate video decoding using native GPU. There is no big procedure to get this work. It is actually very simple šŸ™‚

Follow my previous post to get OpenGL acceleration. Then set your video player to use GL (OpenGL) as the video output instead of Xv or XvMC. With mplayer use “mplayer -vo gl2 video_file”. Similarly for gmplayer (mplayer with GUI), VLC Media Player you can choose the GL (OpenGL) output using the corresponding player preferences. For totem I am not able to find the preferences, I checked with gstreamer-properties and could not find the GL or OpenGL listed in the options but there seems to be a gst-plugin-gl gstreamer plugin that uses OpenGL.


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