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S2TC a Compromise or Open Solution?

S2TC – Simple Super Texture Compression, a new way of compressing textures with a simple encoding (compressing) and decoding (decompressing) method is developed by Xonotic (former nexuiz) game developers. This acts as a replacement for S3TC a patent encumbered compression method used by many games to reduce the amount of data that is being transferred to the GPU. All modern graphics cards are now capable of decoding (decompressing) S3TC as it became a part of OpenGL and DirectX standards. But the algorithm is patented and it cannot be used by free software solutions like Mesa. Currently Mesa can make use of it when the system has a encoder (like a plugin) that is loaded at run time but there is no distribution to ship it or put it in their repositories to download so now there is no easy way for the end user to make use of it. (more…)


Accelerated video decoding in USB display devices under Linux

In previous post I discussed about getting OpenGL acceleration for USB display devices under Linux. Now I will tell how to accelerate video decoding using native GPU. There is no big procedure to get this work. It is actually very simple 🙂

Follow my previous post to get OpenGL acceleration. Then set your video player to use GL (OpenGL) as the video output instead of Xv or XvMC. With mplayer use “mplayer -vo gl2 video_file”. Similarly for gmplayer (mplayer with GUI), VLC Media Player you can choose the GL (OpenGL) output using the corresponding player preferences. For totem I am not able to find the preferences, I checked with gstreamer-properties and could not find the GL or OpenGL listed in the options but there seems to be a gst-plugin-gl gstreamer plugin that uses OpenGL.

OpenGL, 3D and Video acceleration in USB display devices under Linux

A possible way to accelerate 3D and Video on USB display devices (applies for any display device but I show how to use with USB display devices) using VirtualGL. Based on Bumblebee I have summarised steps to enable 3D acceleration.

For this to work you need to have a decent Graphics card capable to accelerating Video and 3D, most of the recent Intel, AMD/ATI, nVidia graphics card supports this with proper drivers installed. (more…)